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    Founded in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, OLLI Technologies is a high-tech company committed to serving the Vietnamese community with high-tech products which aim to transform the way we interact with the environment and other people around us. Our products are crafted to the highest standards and powered by the latest breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence.


    Young and dynamic working environment: we try to maintain an easygoing working environment where there is no rigid structure, everyone’s feedback is valued and you’re free to chime in any topic you like. We need the different perspectives.
    Work hard, play hard: we like you to play as hard as you work, too. We’ve got darts, hoop, guitar in the office with more coming soon.
    Annual off-site trip
    Unlimited food, drinks and snacks: from “mì gói” to sausage to Red Bull, you name it, you have it. Plus, you can always eat while you work, no need to wait for the common break.
    Flexible salary reviews: you perform well, you get a raise. At any time of the year. No need to wait for an annual salary review.
    Other benefits:
    13th month salary.
    Standard 40-hour work week, from Monday to Friday.
    12 days of annual leave.
    Social, medical and unemployment insurance plus other benefits in accordance with regulations.


    We have a great product!
    You’ll grow very quickly as a developer/researcher
    Great benefits as part of the foundation team

    Industry Type: Product


    Quốc gia công tyViệt Nam
    Loại hình công tyProduct
    Quy mô công ty51 - 150