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Nexle Corporation

Hồ Chí Minh, Đà Nẵng

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    Nexle is a software company in Vietnam, focused on web & mobile application development, cloud computing, and software testing. The company builds on its solid experience with new knowledge it acquires in such industries as mobile commerce, banking software optimization, development and integration of web application as well as complex web back-end and mobile applications. We have an in-depth expertise to effectively build custom software solutions for your specific business needs by having years of experience, learning from every project and customer.

    Lý do tại sao các Developers hiện tại vẫn làm việc tại công ty

    1. Attractive salary
    2. Excellent working environment
    3. High compensation


    Special health care insurance:
    Personal accident: 210,000,000/occurrence and no limited occurrences
    Health insurance: 63,000,000/disability and no limited disabilities
    13rd month salary as permanent bonus,
    Other bonuses depend on the performance and contributions to the project/company.
    Annual company trip


    There are 1-2 PAs (Performance Appraisal) per year. The percentage of salary adjustment is 10%-24% depending on the individual’s performance within a specific period.
    Adhoc salary review and promotion are performed in the year.


    Provide laptop for working and can take home.
    For iOS development, the company provides a MAC MINI for normal developers. For the team leader, the company provides a MAC BOOK PRO for working.
    Professional working space in office building: Coffee is served every day, Microwave oven and refrigerator serving lunch in the office


    Having monthly happy hour either in the office or outside
    Sport clubs: Football, Badminton.

    Industry Type: Outsourcing

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