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    Nexus Frontier Tech brings Intelligent Automation to life. We use AI to make your data machine-usable and provide a robust AI infrastructure for process automation, boosting business competitiveness through lower costs, greater speed and higher output quality.
    Applying the science
    Our team comprises 100+ AI researchers, practitioners and business leaders across London, Tokyo, Singapore and Hanoi. Since 2015, we have gained invaluable experience working hand-in-hand with blue-chip, global enterprises to co-create solutions, and have established a proven track record to implement these solutions without disruption.
    Thought leadership
    Our mission is first to help businesses become more aware of the potential of AI, and second to deliver more efficient and competitive processes by integrating the latest data management technologies into day-to-day operations.
    CEO Danny Goh and his co-founders published The AI Republic: Building the Nexus Between Humans and Intelligent Automation to raise awareness of the positive transformational power AI will have on the workplace. They lecture at prominent business schools and run weekly seminars to further the understanding of AI for technologists and business people alike.


    Being one of the Best IT Companies in Vietnam in ITViec ranking, Nexus FrontierTech took pride and the commitment to offering a great experience to every team member professionally and personally. At Nexus, you’ll work and grow with a global team full of dynamic, talented, and fun-loving people. Just in case you want more reasons to join us, here are our offering:
    – Outstanding compensation package which is decided based on the impact and contribution you can make;
    – Flexible work time & remote work policy;
    – 13th-month salary and business performance bonus;
    – Unique Growth & Performance evaluation twice a year;
    – Childcare support up to $75/month until the kids are 18 years old;
    – Annual company trip and fun events all year round;
    – Team bonding activities every month of $10/member where you can gather your own team and lead the fun your way;
    – Self-host events are sponsored up to $100;
    – Personal healthcare insurance package;
    – Annual Medical checkup;
    – Other company support for hospitalization, wedding, funeral, offspring delivery.

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    Quy mô công ty50 - 150