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    CÔNG TY:

    a. Main business areas and company size:
    -Quality assurance service QC / QA software
    -Outsourcing services
    Scale: Salto Group has Salto Japan Co Ltd, Lead Co Ltd, Salto Viet Nam Co Ltd
    Vietnam: 12 people
    Japan: 100 people.

    b. Working environment and benefits to attract candidates:
    – The company regularly organizes seminars to share knowledge and learn new techniques. organize competitions on programming techniques in many programming languages, to improve programming skills for each employee, team.
    – Based on the criteria for completing the work on schedule, Salto Vietnam does not strictly check the working hours of employees.
    Clear promotion path, with annual construction staff, supports the direction of each employee’s promotion path in the company.
    Say no to being passive at work, all employees in the company are enthusiastic, ready to support members inside and outside the project.


    – In addition to the 13-month salary, bonuses are depending on the annual profit of the company
    Insurance regime according to Vietnamese regulations
    – Use a Macbook Pro high configuration 2018 ~
    – Annual travel
    – Opportunity to go onsite in Japan

    Industry Type: Product

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    Quốc gia công tyJapan
    Quy mô công ty51-150
    Loại hình công tyProduct