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    – Global start-up company with crazily passionate team members from Los Angeles, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hanoi
    – Together we are delivering a product – a brand new, innovative and AI-powered music platform – VIBBIDI.
    – Our mission is to Change the world, so every single member of the team is working really really hard each day to make that happen.


    A dynamic and creative environment to explore the process of the whole company, raise your ideas straight to our CEO to make the product better.
    A great chance to work with top-tier engineers who have 5-10+ years of experience
    13-month salary and monthly financial support policies;
    Salary review: once per year
    Extra Private health insurance coverage by the company to help you getting better focus on working;
    Be exposed to the latest technology and the most innovative ideas worldwide; including AI and Big Data;
    Annual Medical checkup;
    Budget for weekly, monthly group activities, such as: happy hours, outdoor activities, etc. 10 USD/person/month after probation time;
    Budget for ones who have children up to 18 years old (1st child: 50 USD/ month, 2nd child & onwards 25 USD/month);
    Self-host events: up to 100 USD/ event (flexible support amount is up to event’s topic that based on the scale & fact);
    Other benefits: hospitalization (>=4 days), wedding, funeral, offspring delivery support: 1,000,000 VND once;
    Annual events: team building activities, New-year party, Christmas party, etc.

    Industry Type: Product

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    Quốc gia công tyViệt Nam
    Quy mô công ty51-150
    Loại hình công tyProduct