Hire Top Vietnamese IT developer remotely

HuongTechviec is a tech recruiting platform in Vietnam.
Over 800 companies are using our platform.
Now we support global tech companies to connect with Vietnamese Top IT developers remotely.

You can try to post a Remote-job for free.


Q1.Can I post a job for free?

A1.Yes, you can post 3 jobs for free

Q2.Do I need to pay the fee after being hired?

A2.No. Everything is free.

Q3.How long can I post a job?

A3.1 month.

Q4.We have no office in Vietnam, is it OK?

A4.It’s OK. IT developers can work remotely.

Q5.How can I receive applications?

A5.When receiving an application, the CV will be sent to your Email automatically.

Q6.When my Job will be posted on the jobsite?

A6.Within 2 days.We will inform you via Email

Q7.Can you support us as an agency?

A7.Sure, it’s faster and can reach the best talent.Please contact us from here (https://www.facebook.com/Techviec)